One thought on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Dearest Milla Thank you for your lovely Xmas video – it looks as if you had lots of fun after losing your Dad, so very good to be able to have something else to think about. It was good to chat the other day, I am now back having had a lovely but very busy time in Sydney- endless school runs and delivery of children to “play dates” and “sleep overs” – poor Amanda has got until early Feb before she gets her license back – what a foul judge, completely unnecessary to be so harsh. On top of coping with the children and her mother striving she also had an open day for new diving business to organise, its called icfish so have a look at the website when you have a minuit- lots of people came so hopefully it will be a great success. I hope you have a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year, I wonder what it will bring…,.what a relief we did’nt get Corbyn! Lol Sara and Nick XX

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