Proper Ladies Don’t Sweat, They Glow

Well that’s a lie.  According to my new temperature gauge gizmo it’s topped at 43.5c but when I took the Kiwi his lunch out to him on the header (combine harvester) in the Ute I’ve just clocked 46.5c. 
Now I’m sitting in the caravan, in the dark with the aircon turned to its lowest setting but unable to cope in these temperatures it’s just blowing out warm air.  I’ve also got a fan going and I’m dripping.  I must be loosing lots of weight !!! (not).  With the hot weather the radio keeps reminding us of having a fire plan, here’s mine….
Too hot to play outside I’m now well practised in entertaining myself whilst confined to the ‘van.  Ways include cleaning out the kitchen cupboards that is also leading me on to another pastime…
Ants.  There are mega-trillion, gazillions of the little blighters and they’re experts at finding their way into our living space which I thought was hermetically sealed.  Apparently it’s not.  With no other choice I declared war. The first step in any battle is reconnaissance and in this instance it was to find out where the enemy lived. ie destroy it at its source.  Yesterday, in the hottest part of the day and when they’re at their most active, I followed the ants along their four lane motorway snaking its way into the bush behind our caravan.  And there it was, standing just under a meter tall, a large ant hill.  According to Farmer Boy No1 it’s really an ant hotel and it’s got a lift!
The Enemy’s Camp
The enemy were busily coming and going about their business but I began thinking about it, they’ve been living here a lot longer than we have.  Basically it now comes down to a question of ethics.  I could solve my ant problem easily by surrounding the ant hill with ant powder but I can’t bring myself to do it.  Feeling sorry for the poor things I have called a truce.  With my trusty and very effective bottle of ant powder I have surrounded the caravan with powder and have diverted the ant-motorway.  I get the sense now I have created my own siege conditions but the ants have left us alone.  For now.
We’ve been feeling a bit sorry for Daphne and Margot having to be kept indoors in the cool all day but it’s just too hot outside for Pommie Canines.  Last Sunday was not so warm and a trip to the beach at Jurien Bay brought deep joy to all.   It was the puppies first outing and true to their nicknames, they Widdled and Puked most of the way there but when they saw the sea for the first time they soon forgot about it and thought the waves were just the best fun.  Last time we went to see the sea it was a tad too chilly for this Pommie Sheila, even to stick her toe in the water but on this occasion conditions were perfect.  The Indian Ocean was the most brilliant turquoise blue and we all sploshed, bobbed and floundered about in the lovely warm sea.
The Kiwi has been super busy on the farm and one minute he’s on the combine harvester and the next he’s mustering sheep or even shearing…  There’s no end to his talents!
Here’s a short clip…
Christmas is looming and with it comes the end of harvest.  On the brief occasions I see the Kiwi we’ve been discussing our future plans and have decided that we must face the real world and stick to Plan A.  We will be leaving Mr and Mrs Farmer 3 on the 22nd and will make our way to Perth to celebrate the combined Christmas Eve birthdays of the Kiwi’s scarey-significant one and grandson No1’s first.  We’re also looking forward to spending our first Australian Christmas with sis-in-law and her two children in Perth as the Kiwis brother has to work this Christmas.  
On Boxing Day we start putting Plan A into action and begin the drive back across the continent to Victoria towing our caravan and ever increasing menagerie across the Nullarbor Plain.  We will have to say lots of goodbyes again and also sadly to dear Tripod, our lame lamb.  We’ve tried hard to fix her poorly back leg but now her other one is collapsing too and she spends most of her day sitting in the shade.  I’m preparing myself that it will be hay paddock in the sky for her and I’m trying to make her last few days on this earth as comfortable as possible.
When we arrive back in Victoria in early January the Kiwi has a couple of good job offers in the area where we want to settle and one of which comes with a house!  Will I finally be able to have my first bath in 9 months??  How exciting is that?    
I hope you have a very happy Christmas and Merry New Year.  

A Western Australian Christmas Tree!

13 thoughts on “Proper Ladies Don’t Sweat, They Glow

    1. Happy Christmas to you and Chris and of course your two beautiful girls. Although I dont envy you the heat, the Indian Ocean does look particularly appealing on this dank,dark day in East Anglia!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ah poor old tripod was kind of hoping he’d make it . Good luck on the next stage of your journey sounds like the kiwi has been hard at it give him my regards have a great Christmas and a happy new year down under keep us informed we love your pimiento Sheila posts cheers from melford Vick/Jill

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A very happy Christmas to you both – best wishes for a prosperous New Year and many more adventures to come!🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
    Wendy and Clive x


  3. Loving your posts Camilla! Hope that you have a less hot Christmas! Would love to hear a few snake stories – these provide huge entertainment to Tatty and myself after living in Hong Kong amongst the cobras !!!!!

    Love from,

    Justin x

    Ps At Carolines right now and using her laptop in case you get confused


  4. Happy significant birthday Chris – 21 again no doubt!! Have a wonderful Christmas in Perth and best of luck in Victoria. 2017 could be your year!!

    Much love
    Uncle Andy & Aunt Cathy xx


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