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Pommie Sheila on Manningtree Station
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Mo Folkes-Miller on Manningtree Station
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Pommie Sheila

These are the stories of my emigration to Australia, the trials, tribulations, laughter and tears.  They are written by a female “Pom” from Suffolk who used to run an art gallery with her husband and aided by two Golden Retrievers (also joining her Down Under).  I spent the early years of my career working in London gaining the experience and know-how I needed to set up my Gallery in a beautiful Suffok village which I later ran with my Kiwi farmer husband.

What made her do it? Why is she leaving? These are just two of the questions that have been asked of me.  Well, there are so many reasons and I hope these will be explained in my blog.

Other things you might want to know about me: I’ve somersaulted down the aisle of a stretch limo motoring down the Strip in Las Vegas, I kept a Guinea Pig under my desk when I worked at UBS in Finsbury Avenue, London, I’ve walked the Inca Trail, I dived with sharks off Grenada but had to beat a hasty retreat when I got a nosebleed, I was a secretary at Lambeth Palace and when I was introduced to the ArchBish I was carrying a tampon in my left hand, I’ve sunbathed topless in the car park at Alicante airport and the first time I got drunk was at boarding school aged 14 on a bottle of cooking sherry and I haven’t touched it since (sherry that is) so don’t ever offer me a glass as I will always politely decline, in the Galapagos I met Lonesome George, in his enclosure (the last of his kind of giant tortoise), I got myself lost in the frozen wastes of Kamchatka in Russia, oh yes, lastly in my local town, two chaps tried to mug me whilst I was getting money from a cash machine, they came off worst and the video went viral.


6 comments on “About

  1. Bruce Campbell says:

    Well Done you two!! Phase one down, good luck with phase two. Look forward to following your progress.


  2. Lisa Kok says:

    Hi Pommie,

    Last year, I contacted you regarding the inclusion of your blog in our Top 20 Australian Expat Blogs 2017.

    Our Top List campaign is now a household name and I hope you are happy to be included again this year. Your writing ability is impeccable and the content stands out from the rest. Therefore we want to help promote websites like yours by creating these kinds of campaigns!

    I am writing you because my team would like to help you promote your blog by putting up a bio and a link of your blog in our Top 20 Australian Expat Blogs which can be found at our site This way, our readers can easily find your site.

    Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.

    A special banner has been created for you, which you can post on your blog:

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    Lisa Kok
    Junior Project Manager


    1. Hi Lisa thanks for your message- is there a cost for your banner code?


    2. Hi Lisa thanks for your message- I would be pleased to


      1. Lisa Kok says:

        Hi Pommie Sheila,

        No, There is no cost for the banner, we made it for the bloggers like you. It’s a positive approach that would help your site to boost. Please let me know if the badge is live.

        Lisa Kok
        Junior Project Manager


      2. Hi Lisa – I’m not particularly tech savvy and I’m having trouble inserting the badge onto my page – can you help? thanks!


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